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Lecture 5

Lecture Five: Funny Girls

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ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

Lecture Four Funny GirlsFebruary 15 2012Why are Women not FunnyWomen as the SubjectWomen are often treated as the subject or butt of the jokeWhen the audience laughs they are laughing in support of what the comedian is sayingThey are laughing at the female target as opposed to with herWomen have been denied the inclusion in the history of comedyWomen have a reputation for not being funnyThere is a belief that intelligence and communication skills are required to make comedy as well as understand comedyTo go with this belief there is the stereotype that women tend to not laugh at as many jokes and that they are more critical of jokes then males areThis is blamed on a woman not having a sense of humor not being intelligent or being too uptight to enjoy the jokeIt is never a question of whether or not the joke is actually funny or notAlternately there is the theory that very feminized women do not want to participate in comedy because there is a male do
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