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January 16: Organ Trafficking

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ANTH 3330
Christianne Stephens

GLOBAL HEALTH II: ORGAN TRAFFICKING • Transcends classic geo-political borders • Studies population health in context of power relations (transnational forces, systems of inequity) • Studies local issues as 'people-in-contexts' • global health is not defined by geographic boundaries but any small-scale arena in which social meanings are informed and adjusted • asks: how do issues affect the health of people? • rethinking people-in-contexts Organ Trafficking background • organ trafficking is the trade involving inner organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc) of a human for transplantation • worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation ◦ arguable: organs are thrown out sometimes, wasted because of competition • problem of organ trafficking is widespread • subject of debate: whether or not to legalize the organ trade, and the appropriate way to combat illegal trafficking ◦ how do you go about and enforce international regulatory guidelines? Transplant Tourism • where a patient from a foreign country travels to a country specifically to get a transplant Organ Trafficking • Organ Exporting Countries ◦ See slides • Organ Importing Countries ◦ Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the USA Organ Trafficking: Anthropological Perspectives • What kinds of issues do you think anthropologists look at when they study organ trafficking? • Political background: what are the political or economic factors that create an environment where organ trafficking is seen as a viable option • Cultural perceptions of the body as a machine, with replaceable parts • What makes a recip
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