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Lecture 3

ARTH 1130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Northern RenaissancePremium

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Art History
Course Code
ARTH 1130
Monique Johnson

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Art Vocabulary
Medium and how its utilized- colour line shape etc
2D, time based, or 3D figure
Categories- types of media and their subcategories (ex. painting- oil painting, etc.)
Mixed media
Three Sources of Art Jargon
Terms arising from specific histories of art
Terms arising from critical theory
Terms arising to describe aspects of form
Principles of designs- balance, scale, proportion, rhythm, etc
How things are assembled in an artwork- how subjects relate to each other, colour, etc.
Line drawing
Gives form, outline
Also used in painting and sculpture
Line also creates leaves, clouds, wheat, etc
Characters of lines
Convey movement (think Van Gogh)
Give off emotion
Compositions can create lines
Horizontal compositions (horizon) give off a feeling of stability
Vertical lines create height
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