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Lecture 4

ARTH 2541 Lecture 4: Lecture 4: English and Norman Romanesque After 1090Premium

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Art History
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ARTH 2541
Malcolm Thurlby

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English and Norman Romanesque After 1090
Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
Arthur Kingsley
He went across Europe and was a fine scholar who travelled and documented
Lombard Architecture
He highly valued documentary date over stylistic date
Pilgrimage Churches
Double aisles
massive western block
Standard basilica layout
Conques- Church of St. Foi
She refused to worship idols and so she became a martyr, and so they made an idol of her in
the church
One of the best medieval treasuries in the world
Its because they hid everything around the village until the hunt for relics was over
The statue of St. Foi is about 1/2 life size, and covered in gold and gemstones
Twin towers on the western front
large enclosing arches- much like the arch of Constantine
Tympanum- God is identified by regal scale and style as well as a cruciform halo
Represents the entrance o heaven vs. damnation to hell
These tympanums told stories from the bible to a largely illiterate audience
Vibrantly coloured
Keys=St. Peter
No clerestory n the nave, only in the apses
Octagonal crossing tower
Squinch- transitional arch used on the interior of octagons
Groin vaults prior to the transept channels on the north side
More ornamentation= more important area of the church
Corinthian capitals were painted
The addition of buttresses allows for the loading of the faults so that the barrel vaults wont
collapse and there wont be any lateral expansion
Christ in Majesty was a relief sculpture done by Bernard Gildum
Could have been recessed into the ambulatory, however it also could have been placed on top
of the altar
reredos- decorum above a church altar
Surrounded by the evangelists
Double line fold technique adds volume to the point of the appearance of a pot belly on christ
Detail of the high altar is signed by the sculptor
Recycled marble from Roman works on the tympanum
Become more realistic, using variety in pose to make more interesting composition
Historiated capitals, including the enunciation of the Virgin
Drapery suggesting the form suggests inspiration form late antiquity, as well as the
bubbleheads with extremely tight curls
Massive hands make the scenes easier to read with exaggerated hand gestures
Most common in Ottoman illuminated manuscripts
Saint Pierre
Pilgrimage inspired church
1st 1.4 of the 12th century
Single story elevation- reduced
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