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BCHM 2021
David Stamos

assignment 1 is due at the end of Wednesday's class, Oct 10. IT'S BEEN POSTED. ------------------------------ Early 1600's Galileo Galilei "Doubt is the father of invention." (You have to observe and you have to doubt.) Galileo discovered 4 moons of Jupiter, using a telescope. Catholic church thought that Earth was the center of all creation. Galileo's observations of Venus showed that Venus went through phases (waxing, waning) like the moon. The idea that the sun was the center of the solar system made a lot more sense than the epicycle stuff. (Galileo) Galileo was put under house arrest for the rest of his life because the Catholic church was super pissed and they only formally forgave him in 1992. Tycho Brahe Johannes Kepler Around the same time as Galileo was doing stuff, these guys {^^} were doing a bunch of astronomy stuff, too. Tycho was the main dude (strong
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