BIOL 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Phospholipid, Antibody, Microorganism

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31 Jan 2013

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BIOL 1010
Lecture 3
Notes from last week
More than one virus type to affect certain hosts
The proteins are different, when mixed a new virus pops out of it
o This is dangerous because our bodies don’t have antibodies to fight it (eg. H1N1 or
H1N3 etc.)
Exchange of genetic material to create a brand new virus
E coli and Molecular Biology
o Is it alive? Unknown because of the fact that they can only manipulate host cells
o In the nucleus (where the viral DNA is kept) is where new viruses are made
o Special class of +RNA using Reverse Transcriptase to make new viruses grow
o once injected into the host cell it enters the nucleus, reproduces and then codes for
DNA to RNA to make proteins
Viral Envelope phospholipid membrane
o Derived from host and has viral proteins in it
o Naked inject DNA into cell
o Like bacteriophages
o GENOME (inner); Viral Capsid (hexagon), Envelope (Circle)
o Ie. Lambda virus see sheet 4
Membrane Fusion
o Envelope of the virus becomes part of the host cell membrane
o Capsid opens and releases genomes into the cell
o When exiting the cell it binds to the membrane and uses this as an envelope of the virus
rRNA (continued)
o has a job to do (tertiary structure) and therefore has a phenotype
o How many genotypes and phenotypes remain the same as evolution occurs
Natural Selection
o The environment selects (via certain selective pressures) so only those organisms that
have the best fitness to reproduce and gain nutrients and reproduce over generations
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