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Tamara Kelly

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Fri,nov 18 , 10 Inportance of ring species Interbreeding - adjacent species can interbreed - different features of ring species. - They can co-exist in the same area but they don’t interbreed( refer to image on importance of ring species.) - Species next to one another can interbreed but they can’t interbreed with opposite - They can reproduce hybrids but they don’t well because they are mediums( no camflauge ( blend in or mimicking ) - Hydrids die sooner and can’t find mates. - Can show us wat happened during speciation and how species have evolved. Themes of speciation 1. Anagensis- hard to identify, happens over a long period time= evolve into new species 2. cladogensis – divergence of one species into 2 or more.(branching) – more common form of speciation modes of speciation 1. Allopatric = geographical speciation (natural selection, genetic drift and mutation) are the microevolutionary mechanisms tht can lead to speciation. (midterm question) === clicker question – refer to PP . - matuation is acted on by NS and genetic D. - 2 step process= pops become geographically separated - evolutionary mechanisms tht work in both the pops..but will act differently on both the gens - vicariance: separation by geography( physical barrier) - differences in ecolutionary differences mechanisms result in accumlation of genetic differences tht reproductively isolate the pops. - Gene flow is not a opera
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