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York University
BIOL 1000
Nicole Nivillac

LEARNING OBJECTIVESBIOL1000Fall 2013Updated Oct 25 2013Note o Self Review in the following refers to prerequisite material covered in secondary school biology or equivalent coursesStudents are expected to review and know this material prior to lecture o All listed Learning Objectives including those denoted as Self Review and all additional topics addressed in lecture eg examples used are applicable to assessments o Learning Objectives may be modified throughout the termLight and Life Defineexplain key terms electromagnetic radiation wavelength of light photon pigment photoreceptor absorption spectrum DNA eyespot eye camera eye circadian rhythms Knowledge Explain two major functions of light in living systems compare and contrast the different ways that light can interact with matter ComprehensionDescribe the physiology of the human eye camera eye and how light is sensed ComprehensionDescribe how organisms can sense light with and without imageforming eyes including how photoreceptors work Comprehension Describe in general terms the evolution of image forming eyes from early simple regions of photoreceptor cells ComprehensionProvide examples of how daylight or length of day can affect physiology or behaviour of plantsanimals Comprehension Learning ObjectivesBIOL1000 Fall 2013updated Oct 25 2013 Introduction to Selection Evolution and DiversityCompare and contrast hypothesis and theory when used in a scientific context Comprehension Analysis List two major unifying theories in BiologyCell Theory and Evolution KnowledgeDescribe the theory of evolution KnowledgeExplain how both the unity and the diversity of life can be explained by the theory of evolution Comprehension Define Natural Selection and provide a biological example of this process KnowledgeGiven a particular example of evolution describe how the change could arise by Natural Selection Application AnalysisDetermine whether a particular scenario could be the result of natural selection explain your reasoning Application Analysis Page 2 of 13
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