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BIOL 1000
Julie Clark

Biology 1000 Lecture NotesLECTURE 1 Question regarding protein movementhow would a temp decrease of37C to 20C affect protein movement Solution Protein Movement would decreaseLightLife What is light Visible spectrum visible region of electromagnetic spectrum the range of wavelengths we can seey Light is important for the development of life as an energy source photosynthesis cellular respiration How is light captured We need molecules called pigments which are used to absorb photons there are many important pigments y Wavelengths differ from pigment absorbs a certain pigment and reflects a pigment notethat the color seen is what is being reflected y Some specific pigments important in nature are those used in photosynthesis Chlorophyll a which is greenQuestion regarding photosynthesizing organisms can they be any colorSolution Colors of organisms vary from species to species one example can be seen in carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap which not only photosynthesizes but attracts insects for nutrientsLight PenetrationThe light penetrating through that affects the water bodies of EarthMain emphasis is given the ocean and the effects light has on its characteristics and the organisms living y Light penetration continually decreases the deeper one gets y Ranges from 73 to 20 light penetratinglight is eventually not found y Photosynthesizing organisms will be found in the first 200 my This zone may be referred to as the photic zone with decreasing amounts of light y Below 200 m is known as a different zone
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