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Lecture 12

BIOL 1001 Lecture 12: Lec #13

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BIOL 1001
Alexander Mills

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Gene Flow
-New individuals and come to new pop brin a smape, of old pop to new pop
-usually emigration is not very big impact (bc not many invidividuals leave)
-immigration usually have bigger impacts
-spores and seeds can introduce new alleles as well (even
-think of the geological barriers
mountain ranges may be separating bird pops
if birds separated for long time then may become different species
if the barrier is not to great to over come then flow can happen easily
-talking about a short period of time
not evolution
alleles are being introduced
-different pops can be fixed and different
the beetles may be fixed due to drift
brown beetle may immigrate to green beetle (not a founder not starting a new pop)
-emigrates from brown beetles (doesnt affect the brown pop al lot)
-flow makes the difference between the pops less (genetic diff decreases)
-slide 5
first drift from original
then flow to combine the pops again
-slide 6
study done on island
found that there was a gene flow from main land and the western pop
Eastern pop never gets the gene flow
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