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April 5th notes

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Clicker 1 - A Resource Partitioning (niche differentiation) – The evolution of traits that reduce niche overlap and competition. When niches of 2 or more species overlap = asymmetrical competition, and the stronger competitor will drive the weaker one to extinction. Co-existence is possible if the niches don’t overlap completely. The weaker competitors will move to only use none overlapping resources. The realized niche of the weaker species becomes smaller. The fundamental niche is the combination of resources, areas that can be used, and the conditions tolerated in the absence of competitors. This is the ideal life. Where as the realized niche is the portion of resources, area and conditions that you can realistically use. Clicker 2 – B If Species A can only colonize if species B is absent – species B is outcompeting species A and reduces the niche of species A. - Resource partitioning allows adjacent living when species cannot coexist. A species that has a better ability to compete for a resource/space might not be good at a different trait – Fitness tradeoff Clicker 3 – C 2 very similar species can avoid competitive exclusion principle by character displacement CompetitionResource portioning/niche differentiationCharacter displacement When different species are in the same environment, selective pressures cause character displa
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