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Intelligent design vs evolution

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Theory of evolution controversialPeople refer to theory of evolution as theory of intelligent design which it is notTheory of evolution has a large body of evidence but is refutableMany novels written on the evidence for theory of evolutionYou dont believe in a theory you accept the evidence supporting a theoryEvolution is observable and testableEvidence from branches of science such as paleontology biology geography geology chemistry physics ecologyPredictive power Making predictions based on evidenceScientists dont argue about whether evolution took place but instead argue about relative contributions of different mechanisms aside from natural selectionEvolution is not a theory in crisisScientific alternative explanation for genetic diversity is intelligent design refute evolution but provide little evidence or reasoning for alternative explanation No other scientific theorieshypotheses for genetic diversityIntelligent Design Proposal for living things life is too complex to have evolved and therefore require celestial intervention the intelligent designer Deals with the supernatural outside the boundary of science So broad and contemporary
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