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Biology Chapter 11 Notes: Animal Diversification 1. All animals eat other organisms 2. All animals move at least at some stage of their life cycle; some animals move only during a "larval stage" that comes early in their lives; organisms that are fastened in place during their adult life (mussels, barnacles) are sessile 3. Animals are multicellular; generally have body parts that are specialized for different activities Four Distinctions amongst animals: DNA and RNA analysis have helped biologists identify four distinctions within various animals; hinges on a particular adaptation and on the question of whether or not an animal descends from an ancestor with that adaptaion 1. Does the animal have defined tissues with specialized cells? sponges have no distinctive tissue and some organisms are just aggregations of similar cells; other animals have defined tissues with highly specialized functions 2. Does the animal develop with radial or bilateral symmetry? radial symmetry describes organisms with a body structured like a pie; possible to make multiple slices going through the centre that divide the organisms into identical pieces; tends to be slow- moving or free-floating;bilateral organisms have a left and right side that are mirror images; faster-moving and more adept at searching for food and avoiding predators 3. During development, does the animal's gut develop from front to back, or back to front?
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