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Lecture notes - March 10

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BIOL 1500
Alexander Mills

BIOLOGY 1001 LECTURES NOTES – March 10, 2014 Text pages: 8-9 Lecture 11A ** NO LECTURE 10 Species and Biological Classification  Modern Classification began in the mid-1700s - Carolus Linnaeus: Father of Calssification - Organized organisms based on similaries of parents - His goal was to classify diversity and was a typologist - Species were “static” - His system ultimately established sevon categories - They are hierarchical so they are called ranks - Every species is associated with a name in every rank Two Key contributes that we still use: 1 Ranked classification 2. 2-part name: Genus and Species Question: What is the correct ranking from largest category to smallest? Answer: Order, Family, Genus Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species ** Animals and Mammals should not be associated with each other Kingdom – Animalia Phylum – Arthropoda (animals with joined legs) Class – Insecta (6 legged arthropods) Order – Lepidoptera (Butterflies and moths) Family – Nymphalidae (Brush-footed Butterflies) Genus – Danaus (genus name is in italics and it capitalized) Species – Plexippus (italics but not capitalized) Example: Monarch Butterfly Human – Homosapiens Relatedness or Resemblance?  Easten Bluebirds with rusty throat and chest  Western Bluebird with blue throat and rusty chest  Mountain Bluebird with completely blue chest  Typological view: Originally created in their current forms (immutable, pre-evolution)  They resemble one another  Name system should reflect close resemblance
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