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Lecture notes - March 31

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BIOL 1500
Alexander Mills

LECTURE: March 31, 2014  Females are the limiting sex  Older females produce more offspring but they can’t survive for too long What is the population’s growth rate  Survivorship: I =xN / x o Question: Human population has been declining since peaking in 1962 and this means: ANSWER: the population continued to grow but declined per capita (person) Question: Given that the growth rate has declined so much (1.1 vs. 2.2%) since 1962 ANSWER: More people are being added AND about the same number are being added each year - The females are reproducing less offspring but there are more females that are surviving due to this therefore the population is growing even though the reproduction rate is declining Population Growth  What is r : birth minus death rate is r - ^ : N/T = rN - R is the number that multiplies the population  Big r means the population will grow faster  R is the maximum growth rate  The bigger the r, the steeper the growth  If r is positive: population is growing and if it is negative, population is declining Logistic Growth Model  The most important model in population ecology Question: Consider the modifier (K-N)/K: when N is large, it approaches: ZERO  answer  K is the population size  BUT if N is small, the function will approach ONE Lecture: April 2, 2014  5:30-7pm @ LSB 101 BIOLOGY TUTORIAL FOR EXAM – THURSDAY  INFLECTION POINT: THE STEEPEST SLOPE  Carrying capacity is the population size so when N = K (the maximum) - The maximum number of population that can be sus
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