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Lecture 12

BIOL 1500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: International Standard Book Number, National Technical Research Organisation, Marginal Revenue Productivity Theory Of Wages

Course Code
BIOL 1500
Tanya Da Sylva

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York University
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Department of Economics
Course: AP/ECON1000 G Introduction to Microeconomics
Course Webpage :
Terms: Fall 2015
Prerequisite / Co-requisite: None
Course Instructor
Name: A. Noordeh, Ph D.
Office: 2009 TEL
Phone: 736-2100 Ext. 22686
Office Hours: W: 1 - 3 pm or by appointment
Time and Location
Lectures: Wed: 4 - 7:00 pm
TA hours: TBA
Organization of the Course
This course involves formal in-class lectures. The lecture slides/notes presentations will be available on course
website on MyEconLab, a companion Learning Management System (LMS) to your textbook. The lectures/slides
are supplemented by discussion questions and problems to be worked out by the students. Students who have
difficulties answering the questions should consult with the teaching assistants who will be available to assist
students online via the discussion board or in person during their office hours. The required readings and
assignments are central to the course. The lectures will serve to enrich, clarify, and illustrate crucial issues from
the assigned readings.
Course Description
The course presents an overview of microeconomic analysis, which entails the study of markets and the behavior
of individual consumers and firms. Topics to be covered include the nature of the economic problem and
economic goals; general and basic concepts of demand and supply; demand and utility analysis; production and
costs; pricing in competitive and monopolistic markets, factor markets, externalities and public goods.
Note: Successful completion of EOCN1000 and ECON1010 are required for all students who intend to pursue
additional courses in economics at the 2000, 3000, and 4000 level and in order to pursue degree studies in
economics, business economics, and financial and business economics. Course credit exclusions: GL/ECON
2500 3.00, SB/INTL 1200 3.00. Note: Acceptable course substitutes are available in the Calendar. PRIOR TO
FALL 2009: Course credit exclusions: AK/AS/ECON 1000 3.00, AK/ECON 2410 3.00 (prior to Summer 1995),
GL/ECON 2500 3.00, SB/INTL 1200 3.00.
Required Course Materials
MicroEconomics; Canada in the Global Environment, 9 th
ed., by M. Parkin and R. Bade, Pearson, 2016
(ISBN 978-0-321-93118-4).
MyEconLab (online LMS) – required for graded quizzes, assignments and course website.
If you are planning on taking ECON1000 (microeconomics) only, you may purchase a bundled Microeconomics
Textbook/Study Guide/MyEconLab (ISBN 0134136446) form the bookstore for $149.95.
To save money, a digital package containing E-text/MyEconLab (ISBN 0133893278) is available for $90 at the York
bookstore or online at
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If you are taking both ECON 1000 and 1010, your cheapest option is a bundled Micro/Macro Textbook/Study
Guide/MyEconLab package which is available in the bookstore for $199.95 (ISBN 0134066146). There is a
Student Value Package (unbound, loose leaf, three-hole punched text with MyEconLab) for students who wish to
purchase the combined version at a lower cost for 169.95 (ISBN 0134300572).
NOTE: You must use your own name and your own York account ID to do the required quizzes and
assignments in MyEconLab. Otherwise you will receive a mark of zero for quizzes .
Students Assessments
Assessment of students ‘academic performance in ECON1000/ECON1010 consists of the following:
ECON1000 (Fall 2015)
Test 1 (20%): Oct. 14, 2015 (in class) 30 MCQ – 1 hour (covers Ch. 2, 3, 5.2-3 only & 6)
Test 2 (20%); Nov. 18, 2015 (in class) 30 MCQ – 1 hour (covers Ch. 8, 9, 10.1 only, 11 & 12)
Final Exam (50%)-Cumulative: TBA 75 MCQ – 2.5 hours
Quizzes (10%): 3 online quizzes – each is worth 5%. (Due dates are: Quiz 1: Oct. 10, Quiz 2: Nov. 14,
Quiz 3: Dec. 8, 2015). ONLY the best 2 will count.
Make up Test: Either week of Nov. 23 or 30, 2015 – (covers the materials from both test 1 and test 2).
Please read the Make-up policy below
No Calculators are allowed for all tests and exams.
Final course grades may be adjusted to conform to Program or Faculty grades distribution profiles.
Make-Up Test for the Midterms
There will be a make-up test for students who miss either Test 1 or Test 2. To be eligible, students must have a
York Attending Physician's Statement, certified by an MD licensed by the Ontario College of Physicians,
for illness - no other documentation will be accepted. The make-up test will be scheduled one or two weeks
after Test 2, during the first hour of your normal class time (so there are no conflicts). The make-up test will have
30 MC questions, and will cover the material from both Test 1 and Test 2.
Make-up Test Policy for the Midterms
No permission is ever given to a student to write a test or exam in advance of its scheduled date.
A student who misses a Term Test will be allowed to write a make-up test only if the student provides a completed
Registrar’s Office Attending Physician’s Statement showing a physical incapability of writing the test.
Any other forms of doctor’s note, especially one stating simply that “The student was seen in my office”, or notes
from non-medical doctors such a Physiotherapist or herbalists, etc. are not acceptable. Students who miss a test
and do not provide acceptable documentation receive a grade of zero.
There is only one comprehensive make-up test each term, covering the material in both Tests 1 and Test 2. You
must be available at the (class) time to write the make-up test.
The Make-up test is only for students who missed an original test. No student is ever allowed to write a make-
up test in order to improve a score from the original test.
Deferred Final Exam Policy
Deferred Standing for the final exam will be considered only under the following circumstances:
1. Medical Circumstances: Exams missed due to medical circumstances must be supported by a York Attending
Physicians Statement filled out completely by a medical doctor or licensed psychologist/counselor, dated on or
before the final exam date. The statement must include:
Full name, mailing address, telephone number of the physician.
The nature of the illness and its duration (i.e., specific dates covered).
An indication of whether the illness and/or medication prescribed would have SERIOUSLY affected the
student’s ability to study and perform over the period in question.
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