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Ch. 11 - Membrane Transport of Small Molecules - Part 2 Summary of chapter and lecture on membrane transport of small molecules, part 2. Includes illustrations and graphics.

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BIOL 2021
Julie Clark

BIOL 2021 March 19 2009 ION CHANNELSALWAYS PASSIVEUndergoes conformational change can be open or closedWhen open channel acts as a selectivity filter permits some inorganic ions to pass but not othersEnergy source passive transportMuch faster transport than transport proteinsThe solute doesnt undergo any conformational changes unlike with transport proteinsGating of ion channels 1 Voltage gatedOpen when voltage across membrane changesSensitive to voltage change2 Ligand gatedOpens when ligand binds ligand could be neurotransmitter nucleotide etcLigand anything that binds3 Mechanically gated Open when subjected to mechanical stress ie Auditory hair cells in ear mircovilli finger like projections responsible for conversion of mechanical stimuli to electrical signal in nerveTilting action that turns into action potential Membrane potential arises when there is a difference in the electrical charge on the two sides of the membrane due to a slight excess of positive ions over negative ones on one side and a slight deficit on the otherMeasured in voltage In animal cell typical membrane potential is 20 to 120V negative inside cellPassive ion movements are biggest contributor to the electrical potential across the plasma membrane
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