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Arthropoda Abdomen The posterior part of the body behind the head and thoracic regions Arachnida Class of mainly terrestrial carniverious arthropods included in the subphylum Chelicerata comprising spiders order Araneae scorpions Scorpiones mites and ticks Acari false scorpions Pseudoscorpiones palpigrades solifugids and harvestmen They have a body usually divided itno a prosoma of eight fused segments and a posterior opisthoma of 13 fused segments The prosoma is not differentiated into a head and thorax and bears the clawed and prehensile chelicerae the pedipalps and four pairs of walking legs Arthropods Very large phylum of segmented invertebrate animals with heads jointed appendages fellers mouthparts and legs and a thickened chitonous cuticle forming an exoskeleton The main body cavity is a haemocoel The phylum is generally divided into several different groups most commonly the Chelicerata Atelocerata Crustacea and the extinct Trilobita In this classification the Chelicerata inclues the spiders ticks mites scorpions pycnogonids horseshoe crabs and the extinct eurypterids the Atelocerata sometimes known as the Uniramia includes the insects and myriapods centipedes and millipedes and the Crustacea includes the crustaceans crabs shrimps barnacles etc The velvet worms Onychophora are sometimes placed in separate phylum Articular membrane A flexible region of the cuticle between sclerotized areas of the exoskeleton of an arthropod functions as a joint Branchiopoda The water fleas brine shrimps and their allies a subclass mainly freshwater crustaceans whose carapace if present forms a dorsal shield or bivalve shell and which have broad lobed trunk appendages fringed with hairs Chelicerata A class of subphylum of arthropods with a body generally in two parts a prosoma bearing the paired chelicerae poison jaws and sensory pedipalps and a posterior opisthsoma bearing usually four pairs of walking legs The Chelicerata include the arachnids spiders ticks mites scorpions pycnogonids sea spiders horseshoe crabs and the extinct eurypterids Chilopoda A class of arthropods comprising the centipedes which have numerous and similar body segments each with one pair of walking legs except the first segment which bears a pair of poison claws Considered as a subclass or order of class Myriapoda in some classifications Crustacea Subphylum of arthropods considered as a class in older classifications They are mainly aquatic gillbreathing animals such as crabs lobsters and shrimps The body is divided into a head bearing five pairs of appendages two pairs of preoral sensory ffeelers and three pairs of postoral feeding appendages and a trunk and abdomen bearing a variable number of often biramous appendages which serve as walking legs and gills Crustacea often have a hard carapaceshell Cuticle An outer protective layer of material of various composition produced by the epidermal cells that covers the body of many invertebrates Diplopoda A class of arthropods commonly called millipedes having numerous similar apparent segments each in fact made up of two segments and therefore bearing two pairs of legs In some classifications it is considered as a subclass or order of class Myriapoda Epicuticle Outer waxy layer of the exoskeleton of arthropods
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