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Lecture 8

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BIOL 2040
Motti Anafi

BIOL 2040 Lecture 8 Language of Meiosis  Somatic cell with 6 chromosomes (this means 3 from mom, 3 from dad) o This relates to 12 chromatids o Pairs of homologues have alleles in the same places o When chromatids are together, they are ONE chromosome Meiosis  Reduces from diploid to haploid o Two phases, Meiosis I and II Interphase  There are the same number of chromosomes, duplication occurs, but there are now 2 chromatids per chromosome MEIOSIS I  Prophase I o Pairing of homologues (synapsis) o Crossover sights are chiasma o crossing over  Metaphase I o Homologues line up on opposite pole ends at equatorial plate  Anaphase I o Migration to the poles  Telophase I o Migration completes  Two haploid daughter cells (n chromosomes, 2 chromatids per chromosome) MEIOSIS II  Prophase II o If nuclear envelope was formed, it will be broken apart  Metaphase II o Chromosomes line up so chromatids may be split
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