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Lecture 6

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BIOL 2040
Motti Anafi

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BIOL 2040 Lecture _ What is Genetics about?  Application of basic principles  Use of research to attain problem solving  Predictions  Critical thinking about Existing Data Meiosis  Mendel’s theory of independent assortment is shown via this method  These scientists put Bovelli and Mendel and accredited Mendel with Meiosis  By repeating experiments and proving Mendel was generally correct, this is the application of science, and hence made these important discoveries exponentially more important o They did break some of Mendel’s rules, but this made his ideas much stronger Violation of Mendel’s Rules  Mendel tested 7 traits, on the 7 chromosomes of peas o This led to the law of independent assortment o He looked at more traits, but decided to do simple first, then complex later  Because we found that there are more complex rules to this, independent assortment only holds true for those on separate chromosomes Genetic Recombination  Crossing over  Meiosis produces one random crossover per arm on average  Mendel rules are violated, and often this is the reason. We can often figure out certain applications via this Sex Determination  Two varieties of sex chromosomes o Breaks the “pair-single-pair” law, because of X vs. Y  Mother nature has different determinations (Female vs. Male) o Grasshoppers (XX vs. XO) o Birds (ZW vs. ZZ) o Bugs (Diploid vs. Haploid)  This explains the “drone” of male bees o Reptiles (Warm vs. Cold) o Fish (Old vs. Young)  This is a sex change BIOL 2040 Genetic E
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