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Cancer GeneticsCancer is an age related disease the longer one lives the higher the risk of cancerStomach cancer is caused by bacteriaCervical cancer is caused by HPV a virusCancer is a genetic disease that involved multiple mutations not single mutations They are developed over timeCancer is not inheritedCertain inherited mutations could predispose one to cancer because it is multifactorialNot all cancers involve somatic parts in an individual they can be passed along like a diseaseTasmanian devils can pass their tumors on each other Cancers can be infectiousOncogenesis is the formation of cancer that begins with the loss of cell cycle controlTumors begin with a loss of cell cycle control Tumor is not necessarily cancerOnce a tumor completely loses the ability to undergo mitosis it can become transformed or immortalizedThere are different types of cancerCarcinoma refers to cancer of epithelial origin skin cancer Sarcomas are cancers that arise from connective tissues bone and cartilageLeukemia is cancer in bloodforming tissues marrowLymphoma is the cancer in the cells of the immune system eg B cells Cancer is the loss of cell cycle c
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