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BIOL 2060
Joel Shore

Probability 5.1 The probability of an event  Random trial: trial or process that has 2 or more possible outcomes whose occurrences cannot be predicted.  Sample space: list of all possible outcomes of a random trial  Event: any potential subset of the sample space  Probability: proportion of all random trials in which the specified event occurs when the same random process is repeated over and over again independently and under the same conditions  Pr[A] =probability of event A 5.2 Venn diagrams  Venn diagram: area represents all possible outcomes of a random trial 5.3 mutually exclusive events  Mutually exclusive: both events cannot occur simultaneously  Pr[A and B]=0 5.4 Probability distribution  Probability distribution: list of the probabilities of all mutually exclusive outcomes of a random trial  Discrete probability distribution: gives the probability of each possible value or outcome of a discrete variable  Probability density: allows us to describe the probability of any range of values (continuous probability distributions) , can find probability of a range by finding the area under the curve 5.5 either this or that: adding probabilities  If events we are trying to combine a
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