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BIOL 2900 Lecture 3

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York University
BIOL 2900
Mordechay Anafi

Jan 18 2012LPS exposed to the outside part of the bacteria part of the outer membrane LPS is made out of 3 partsOside chainchain varies depending on bacteriumnot involved with toxicitycore polysaccharideLipid Alipid portioncomposed of glycolipids involve with toxic activity in Gram Lipopolysaccharide LPS Functionmay play a role in infection by any GramNeg bacteriumreleased from dead cells when cell wall disintegratescausing inammationwe want a level of inammation to act against the infectioninammation is important to destroy bacterial cell activates macrophages neutrophilsproduce pyrogenmay trigger fevervasodilation open up blood vesselsLPS as an Endotoxins causes Acute InammationRelease of too much LPS is toxic to humanCan be induced byAntimicrobial drugs that kill bacteriaSystemic infection sepsisAcute wholebody inammationDrop of blood pressureShockHigh fever affect protein in the brainwbc are activated to try to attact infectionThe Cytoplasm DNAprokaryotic chromosometypically one large circular molecule of DNAwith nomuclear membraneprokaryotes sometimes possess smaller extrachromosola pieces of DNA called plasmidsmain roles of bacterial DNAcontain the genetic materialtranscriptionreplication
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