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BIOL 2900 Lecture 4

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York University
BIOL 2900
Mordechay Anafi

Types of Antibiotics bacteriocidal antibiotics Irreversible drug The effecte microbes are deadbacteriostatic reversble growth inhibitionTreatment of both is sufcient if host defenses mechanisms can take care of residul cells Antibiotics works together with immune systemAntibiotics Selective drugsno or limited harm to patientdestroy structure present in bacterianot present in hostSelectivity of Antibiotics The key to success of a drug is specicity Any harmful pathogen can be a target for a drug However drug must be more harmful to the pathogen cells than toxic to the normal cells of the host Toxicity dmaage to the host Effectivity damage to the pathogen Dose of drug which is toxic to the hostTherapeutic indexDose of drug which inhibitskill the pathogenLarger is better1000mgTI 1000 1 mgUse of bacteriostatic vs bactericidal antibiotic bacteriocidal killing antibiotics are usually antibiotics of choice HoweverIn many cases theraputic index better for bacteriostatic antibiotic Resistance to bacteriocidal antibioticnatural activity to microbial life more resistance is bacteriocidal than static Protein toxin mediate diseaseuse bacteriostatic protein sythesis inhibitorusing ab to reduce protein synthesis will work in the best way for us when ora making LPS mediate acute inammationuse AB that will slow down the Evaluation of AntimicrovbialSpectrum of action Efcacy Overall SafetySide Effects Routes of Administration
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