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Peter Cheung

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Nov 3, 2009 Centromeres (CENs) -There are 2 important features of this structure which 1)during metaphase it is the point of intersection of the chromatins 2)during anaphase the centromeres duplicate and separate to allow the sister chromatins to replicate. -The kinetochore binds microtubles to the centromere so that when it separates the tubles can pull the chromatins to either side of the cell. -Any cell that lacks centromeres will not be able to segregate properly and will most likely lead to the death of that cell lineage. -In yeast plasmids (minus the centromere) are unstable and exist under high copy number (20 – 30 copies/sec); plasmids that do have the centromere are stable and exist is low copy numbers (1- 2 copies/sec) -refer to previous on Met14 screening -Through Met14 screening we now know that centromeres are about 120bp long. -The CDE I is about 9bp, CDE III is about 11bp and both are highly conserved, CDE II is a longer element around 80-90bp and is AT rich (more than 90%) -CDE III is absolutely vital for the proper function of mitosis. -Yeast Artificial Chromosomes (YACs) are made of centromeres used for finding the origin of replication (ARS) and has a t-element at the end. Basic Components of Eukaryotic Packaging -During replication of the chromosomes there are two basic types of proteins that bind onto it: histones and non-histone proteins -Th
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