BIOL 3155 Lecture Notes - Rous Sarcoma Virus, Ribonuclease H, Stem-Loop

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21 Sep 2012

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Genome is (+) sensed but not directly translated when it goes into cells. Brief history table 1. 2: first discovery of retrovirus was by peyton rouse (1911). Showed that sarcoma virus could induce tumor formation in chickens. Retroviridae (family: consists of 7 genera, grouped based on differences in morphology and genome organization, table 28. 1, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon- retroviruses. Lentivirus causes hiv-1 in humans. (missed pic, but basically these r the viruses she mentioned). Do not need to know example of virus, but know host. General structure of virion: figure 28. 1, virus contains envelope, icosahedral or conical for capsid (capsid = hiv), approximately 100 nm across, contains rt, integrase (in) and protease (pr). Protease is outside particle but inside matrix: virus contains trna which is important because it is used as a primer, virus contains two copies of rna genome.