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Lecture 6

BIOL 3200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Thomas Hunt Morgan, William Bateson, Gregor Mendel

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BIOL 3200
Jan Sapp

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Biol 3200 Lecture 6
Basic concepts of embryology
Founders of cell theory
Evolution was accepted but natural selection was not
Know about William Bateson → oined ords genetis and allele and rote the first
genetics textbooks
Know about Thomas Hunt Morgan
Know about Johannsen
Chapter 11
At the Turn of the 20th Century
Evolution was accepted but Darwinian natural selection was not
Gregor Mendel
He was not a Mendelian
Mendel was an evolutionist but he did not agree with Darwin on everything
William Bateson coined words genetics and allele
Fischer was one of the founders of evolutionary synthesis and population genetics
Mendel worked in the Linnaean tradition
o Linnaeus believed that species were created by God and new species were
created by hybridization
Mendel was a saltationist (so was Bateson)
Context in hih Mendel’s laws were rediscovered
Priority dispute between Correns and de Vries
Tacit knowledge is something you cannot write about
William Bateson
Coined words genetics and allele and wrote the first genetics textbooks
Was a saltationist and said that Mendel was also a saltationist
R.A. Fischer
Architect of evolutionary synthesis
Chapter 12
How did genetics come to the forefront of biology?
Morgan founded the Drosophila school of genetics
Field of heredity
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