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Lecture 34

BIOL 3200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 34: Archaeopteryx, Transitional Fossil, Australopithecus

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BIOL 3200
Jan Sapp

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BIOL 3200
Lecture 34
Is Everything Adapted?
- Darwin said if a characteristic was not useful, then it would be completely lost
- But there were exceptions:
In The Origin, he talked about sexual selection, how certain animals have
traits that do’t reall hae a surial adatages, ut are used to
attract mates
- BUT, aturalists foud harateristis of other orgaiss that ould’t hae
contributed to reproductive success, or competitive advantage
- In 1860s, Alfred Russel Wallace pointed to many human qualities that would have
been useless for early man
e.g. musical sense, ability to perform abstract calculations
- Evolutionists also questioned what the selective value would be of the earlier
stages of ople orgas that did’t reall hae a futio et
How did complex organs such as wings and eyes evolve from selection if
they were not fully functional in the beginning?
- Writer St. George Jackson Mivart was prepared to accept evolution if it were
supernaturally guided in certain directions
- Many evolutionists talked about the difficulty of explaining the emergence of
mimicry by natural selection
Questioned if there would have been stages of these complex
characteristics that had no adaptive value?
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