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Lecture 41

BIOL 3200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 41: Superorganism, Social Darwinism

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BIOL 3200
Jan Sapp

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BIOL 3200
Lecture 41
Darwin was able to capture a wide audience of scientists and nonscientists
The Origin of Species resounded with people for whom the Industrial
Revolution epitomized the struggle for life it dramatized what many
people were accustomed to as true about the way the world worked
Darwinian natural law was used to explain the world
Many evolutionists treated organic evolution and human social relations as
one subject, like how science and religion were for natural theology
natural law was used as the basis for a given view of society in social,
political, and economic theory in the 19th century
o Darwinian theory was summoned to support all types of political and
ideological positions, including racism, militarism, laissez-faire
economics, unfettered capitalism, Marxism, and anarchism
Toda, eolutioists argue that ords like progress ad iproeet
are inappropriate because well, what defines those words? If progress
would mean the adaptation to survive, then a bacterium would be just as
well adapted as humans
19th etur: ost iologists elieed that eolutio DID ipl progress
in nature and society, and so for most this struggle for existence
understood as conflict and competition was encouraged
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