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Lecture #1 Notes taken in class, supplemented by the recording so everything the prof said is in there. Pictures from the slides are also incorporated into the notes to make them easier to understand. Headings: Overview of Molecular Genetics, Overview of

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BIOL 4285
Michael Scheid

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Lecture 1 2011Office Hours Friday 930am1100am Room 236 Farq Midterm 1 February 4 25 Midterm 2 March 11 25 Overview of Molecular GeneticsMechanism to control gene expressionGene regulationTranscriptionReceptor mediated signal transductionPhosphorylation cascadesLigand induced transcription factorsMicro RNAEpigenetics chromatin modellingSpatialtemporal considerationGenome structureTelomeresDevelopment molecular levelStem CellsMapping genesGenome sequencingSingle gene disorders Multi factorial gene disorders iediabetes cardiovascular diseaseCloningTwo typesTherapeutic cloning use of stem cells to generate tissue to repair organsReproductive cloning ie DollyEthical considerationsiPC inducible plurypotent cells from adult somatic cells Overview of Gene ExpressionMechanism to control gene expressionTranscription factors that are activated by extracellular stimuli that cause changes by binding to the DNA causing the RNA to be expressed by RNA Poly IISpatialtemporal considerationWhenwhere above happens n happensMany genes that are turned on during developments are under very tight spatial and temporal control meaning whenwhere genes are activatedWhen the timeplace is incorrect there are manifestations of a disease phenotypeie MIC is the oncogene turned on during human cancers 10 of human cancersTurned on during embryonic development to promote rapid cell proliferationfor growth but turned off after a certain stage of developmentRNA Polymerase II induces gene expressionBinds to promoters to induce gene expression
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