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BIOL 4370

Sept 5th • Neuroscience: study of neurons and nervous systems • Neuroscientists must understand biology, chemistry, and physics • Many neurological disorders and “three pound universe” curiosity drive neurologists to study neurology • 100 billion neurons in brain, we use 100% of our brain, and brain is 20W (whole body uses 100W) and 10 micrometers (10^-6) is size of typical neuron • Most common neurotransmitter is glutamate, voltage inside neuron is -65mV, name of nuero-electrical impulse is action potential, and important ions for neuro-electric activity are sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride • Website: diam 10 microns! # 100 billion! RP -65mV! xmit glutamate! ions NaKCaCl! • central nervous system (CNS): | all parts of the nervous system is within bone • Peripheral nervous system (PNS) are not within bone • Neurons are similar to other cells: they are enclosed by membrane and have organelles within them • Neurons differ from other cells by looks; dendrites, and axons and are electrically exciteable • Neurons are a cell that have an axon and fire an action potential • Glial cells are the most common cells in nervous system (3 times as many glial than neurons)
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