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Lecture 15

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York University
BIOL 4450
Terry Kubiseski

BIOL 4450 Lecture 15 Mar 11 2014 Cell matrix adhersion molecules that aid in migrationThe Neural Crest CellIntegrin receptor on cells binds to Fibronectin outside cell and actin inside the cellDerived from ectodermoA lot of cell skeleton rearrangedOnly present in animal undergoing neurulationoFibronectin is considered as the highway for cell thSo NB that it is considered as 4 germ layermigration Decrease E cadherinsExtracellular MatrixPNS facial features SkinImportant for Regions of Chick neural crestoCell adhesionDifferent regions have different neural crest cell forming oCell migrationafter neurulation oFormation of epithelial sheet1 Cranial NC anterior facial featuresFibronectin in the developing embryo2 Cardiac NC posterior septum and valves in heartDont need to know the structure3 Trunk NC dorsal root gangliaPath with which cells migrate made by this protein RGD 4 VagalSacral NC provide neurons in digestive systemin extracellular matrixWithin the cell
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