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BIOL4510KINE4510 Lectures 13 Cardiac Physiology Peter Backx 2012 Consider readingBerneLevy Cardiovascular Physiology Chapters 14Circulatory system In small single cell organisms or animals1 mm in diameter movement of molecules can occur easily by diffusion or cell transport from the external environmentHowever with larger multicellular organisms diffusion is inadequate to provide the necessary nutrients gases salts or removal of waste Required for celltocell communication transport hormones deliver drugs etc Required to regulate temperature Major components of a circulatory system a plumbing system 1 a pump 2 a conduit or vascular system 3 bloodfluidsClosed Circulatory System Circulatory systems is nearly closed This means that to a good approximation fluidsblood stay in the cardiovascular systemalthough this is not quite trueexample given later Other factsvertebrates and some invertebratesblood flows in a continuous circuitsmall volume 510 of the body volumehigh pressurecan alter velocity and distribution of blood flow rapidlyAll closed circulatory systems are comprised of Heart pressurizes blood to provide propulsion to force blood to flow in the pipesArteries or arterial system takes blood away from heart and distributes to body Act as storage bin for high pressure bloodCapillaries microvessels that are very small 56mm They allow blood to flow from arteries to vein Almost every cells of the body is adjacent to at least one capillary Veins or venous system returns blood to heart from the capillaries and serves as a major blood storage reservoir for low pressure bloodPressure of the blood drops as it flows from arteries to veins due to viscosity of blood by definition viscous fluids require energy to flowMovement of bloodforce imparted by rhythmic contraction of the heartelastic recoil of arteries following filling by cardiac contractionsqueezing of blood vessels during body movementperistaltic contractions of the smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels 1 Mammalian Circulatory SystemThe heart is important for circulating oxygenated blood to the body and to deliver venous blood to the lungs STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE HEART Anatomy of the Heart Anterior View Posterior View 2
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