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CHEM 1001
Sylvie Morin

Ch. 10 & 11 Chemical bonds Lewis theory: - Electrons, particular valence electrons play a fundamental role in chemical bonding. - Electrons can be fully transferred from one atom to another(ionic bond) or shared by 2 or more atoms(covalent bond) Ionic compounds - Don’t see isolated ionic compounds - Normally they are in crystals on anion and is attached to several cations Covalent compounds - Electrons are shared because the energy cost making the ions is too high - Could be more than just a couple of shared electrons Coordinate covalent bonds - Bonds do not have to come from equal sharing of electrons Bond length - Distance between two atom joined by covalent bonds - As the bonds order increases the bond length decreases Bond energy - Amount of energy needed to break bonds is greater when bond order is greater - To join covalent bonds energy must be supplied - Is equal to energy released when the bond is formed Polarity of bonds - Unequally shared electrons on atom is slightly positive and one is slightly negative - Polar covalent bonds - Ability to attract electron in a bond is
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