CHEM 2030 Lecture Notes - Yajurveda, Samaveda, Rigveda

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Published on 23 Nov 2012
Sound n music
If theres silence then a person coughs, that is music.
The origin of sounds = vibration
The origin of music = sound
All things are manifestation of pure energy.
Anahata Nada The unstruck sound.
Vibration is life.
- The “ unstruck” sound – o two things are struck together to create the sounds
that we know as sound.
Shiva ‘ dance of the cosmos’
All things have a ‘ sympathetic resonance frequency’ or vibrational frequency’
including the human body.
- Timbre,
Energy ‘ Chakras’
- correspond to points on the body that have these resonance frequencies.
- Can be opened with use of correct resonance frequency.
Universal truth #3
- There is a mind/body connection
Music in Bollywood is crafted to create an emotional response.
Original synergy with nature
- in music of ancient india, there was a closer connection to the subtle
frequence to the mofo things
Vedas : ancient sanskrits text.
- ca 1700 bc to 400 bc
- 4 text : rig veda- collection of hymns and verses dedicated to deities
- shruti integrity of deities.
- Sama veda collection of hymns, songs and verses.
- Yajur Veda collection of mantras focusing on formulas of chanted
- Atharva veda first part: chiefly spells and incantations, concerned
with protection against demons and disasters, spell
The importance of culture:
- natya sastra authror by sage bharatha
- text on drama, dance and music reflects on the interrelatedness of the three
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