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York University
CHEM 3090
Gino Lavoie

CHEM 3090 Introduction to Polymer ChemistryrdProblem Set 3 Due Date March 3 2014 by 930AM Drop Locationbefore class startsOtherwise in PSE 145Please write your name and student ID on your paper STAPLE all sheets together Unstapled work wont be accepted and will result in a mark of 01 A coworker at a company you are employed has previously prepared a series monodisperse samples of polyphenylene Ssulfide and found that the maximum Tobserved was 87 C A g ncustomer wants a monodisperse sample with a Tof 78 Cg a Knowing that a PPS sample with an M of 50000 has a Tof 82 C ng what M will you need to target to meet their specification nRemember the XXKM relationship nb It turns out that youve developed a new catalyst to increase the rate of the reaction Unfortunately the new catalyst also seems to coproduce the corresponding cyclic tetramer with a T of 80 C Given gthat the new polymer must be within 1 C of the requested T what is gthe maximum weight ratio of the tetr
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