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Lecture 11

COMN Studies Lecture 11

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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
Rob Heynen

Nov 26 lecture  Media, democracy and public sphere is crucial in communications o Without media you would not have democracy  The media plays a big role in democracy o You can look at the technology o The content is less important to the media o Marshall McLuhan: medium is the message Media,  What’s the impact of new media o Article pg 33, TV as doesn’t enhance democracy, dumbs people down Media, citizens and democracy: 4 different approaches 1. Democracy without citizens o Citizens as a whole don’t understand democracy o Citizens are not citizens because they cannot engage with the knowledge o Citizens don’t have the political knowledge o Walter Lippemann & his elitist theory: The elites should run society, citizens should just vote but not participate 2. Citizens without democracy o The flipside o When you talk about political issues, they have a strong sense of what is supposed to happen o Defends people’s intelligence, people are actually politically smart 3. Election campaigns and symbolic politics o All the media are mobilized to create, sell political images o Elections and democracy o Says the media fulfils that duty and allows us to have a democratic society o These has a different role to give to the media, some are familiar 4. Regulating media  The media plays a key role in regulating media  It regulates who owns media   Producing meaning  The ideal of objectivity  It doesn’t matter who the journalist is, its about the facts  Objectivity is
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