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History of Media and Communication

by Anu J
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York University
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COMN 1000
Rob Heynen

History of Media and Communication - Oral cultures, literate cultures (writing and print), electronic cultures o There are period of time where particular types of communication were dominant in a society o Overlapping forms of communications - Oral cultures o Key characteristics include: face-to-face, memory, performance, time, scale  High face-to-face recognition  Good memories, because you have to remember everything and everyone and every place you visit, etc.  Performance is key into passing on things from one person to the other  Performing stories, dances, music, sharing ideas, knowledge  A newspaper is the same no matter who reads it, but a story is different based on who it is told by  Storytelling cultures have an important performance element o Religious or other leaders often o Said to be conservative because stories are protected  Organic measure of time  Slow and meandering  A very different conception of scale  Weird relationships between odd things that don’t seem to matter  We may not agree that these things matter, although oral cultures tell stories about things that are not necessary factual, but things that people find important to them o Are oral societies a resistance to change? o DEBATE: Is the claim that oral cultures share a similar set of characteristics tenable?  Does oral culture shape a society in a particular way?  No written records, no direct statements (written things) to refer to  Lots of interpretation involved  Lots of societies developed primarily from oral cultures o Iroquois (Haudenosaunee)  Confederation of 6 nations (including Mohawk and others)  Highly developed constitutional system and political organization  Oral societies can be widesprea
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