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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
David Skinner

Lecture Notes - 10/02/14 February 10, 2014 2:24 PM Why is the radio and televisionloaded with foreign products? New technology -- undermines and shifts markets - Televisionpushes radio into something different, cable fragments audience Canadian Feature Films Historically less than 5% of films are Canadian, less than 3% of box office revenue Why? Not because Canadians make bad films, it's because of the structure of the industry Cineplex-Galaxy hold bulk of screens in Anglophone Canada and have exclusive deals with US distributers-- mainly Motion Pictures Association Canada -- to ensure steady flow of US product to Canadian screens ("block" booking) Canada product --> distribution --> consumption/exhibitors USA product --> distribution --> consumption/exhibitors The largest film producers own the largest distribution company in Canada Canadian films get the left over space, the shitty windows of opportunity in theatres to showcase films $1 Billion revenue back to US, $28 million back to Canada "Distribution gag" maintained in several ways: i. Pressure to block booking ii. US distribution verticallyintegrated with production companies iii. US distributers buy "North American" rights to films (If film is not one of theirs, and not expected to be big US draw, they are not interesting in distributing) iv. Big marketing campaigns that flow over border in form of ads, entertainment programs, reviews,etc. build audiences History 1920:Famous Players (Paramount) comes to Canada 1922: Allen Bros. bankrupt 1930: Combines investigation of Famous Players, although found to be "lessening competition," nothing was done 1939:National Film Board (NFB) established Late 1940's: - NFB mandated to "interpret Canada to Canadians" - Canadian Co-operation project Mid 1950's: Odeon theatres established (British Ranked Films) 1967:Canadian Film DevelopmentCorporation (CFDC) established to "foster and promote the developmentof a feature film industry" 1969-1974: 119 films (68 English, 51 French) 9% screen time in Quebec, almost nothing in the rest of Canada 1974:Capital Cost Allowance (100% tax deduction) 1974-1978:Over 300 more films produced, but few distributed 1983: CFDC con
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