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Lecture Notes - 24/03/14- COMN 1000.pdf

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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
David Skinner

Lecture Notes - 24/03/14 March 24, 2014 12:12 PM Last few weeks: - Technologyas a social form - Globalizationand the InformationSociety - Media Imperialism As we have seen, the form and directionof tech. developmentand applicationis the product of decisionsby industry and policymakers e.g. in Canada, globalizationand the info society createdby: NAFTA,WTO,CRTC, and policies like copyright Similarly,job losses, cutbacksin health care and educationpart of same restructuring. Giveninfo tech is social formand its developmentis the product of decisionsby gov't and industry, the question is how is it being implemented? (holistic orprescriptive?) Information Technology Impacts and Issues Commodificationof Info: creates "digitaldivide" Two groups of info poor; i. Here at home (rural, low income, poor/no Web access) ii. In developingareas/countries(e.g. countries inAfrica,S.E. Asia) More generally: "the right to know, or the right to information,makes possible all other rights" (UNESCO). Unemploymentand De-skilling "what distinguishesthis period of technological developmentfrom others, such as the industrial revolution,is that new technologiesare specificallybuilt, not to increasethe productivityof workers, but to eliminatethem" (Mosco,1989). Has been a shift from full time to part time work; from skilledindustrial jobs to low skilledservicejobs; often
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