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Communication Studies
COMN 2111
Dalton Kehoe

Communication in Everyday Life Lecture – September 13 , 2013th Why do we communicate?  Discover self & World – Find out who we are and the world around us  To establish relationships – without human relationships, humans cant be human  To influence and control – can we get people to do what we want them to do? o When a child cries, they influence the mother to approach them and figure out the problem o When they ask for candy and the mother says no, they control the situation by crying  To help people – we automatically engage in the process of helping others o When we see people who don’t do this, our human reaction is to question what is wrong or inhuman about that person  To play and entertain o Only human beings are willing to put their lives on the line to play and be entertained (i.e. skydiving) Fundamental Needs 1. Physical Needs – food, sex, water, oxygen 2. Safety – Shelter 3. Belonging – Inclusion, friends,
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