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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 2111
Dalton Kehoe

Communication in Everyday Life Lecture – November 22 , 2013d Self Identity and Self Esteem Situated Identity  Situated identity given by the role you play in a situation o Earlier called The Presenting Self o “Respectful student” “Joking friend” “Friendly neighbor” “Helpful worker”  We enact roles that reflect how we want others to see us.  We often unconsciously act in ways that are really small public performances. Conversational Identity or “Face”  As part of our “small public performances” we take a position in conversation  Put some of our emotions on the line as we speak  Other’s responses to our words and non-verbals can cause our “face” to feel enhanced or diminished  This is the moment-to-moment management of identity Why Manage Identity?  Behavior aimed at making impressions  To follow social rules  To accomplish personal goals o Persuade o Relational Changes How we Manage  Manner o Consists of a communicator’s words and nonverbal actions  Appearance o Personal items people use to shape an image  Setting o Physical items we use to influence how others view us Self-Concept and Self Esteem  Self-esteem: feelings about self o Am I capable? (Can I do anything well/right?) o Do I matter? (Am I ok?) o Can I influence my life? (Do I have a choice?)  Based on: o Personal experience/aspirations o Cultural ideals (you may think of yourself as a fabulous person, but people in your environment may not. Also works opposite. If you don’t live up to environmental ideals, can reduce self-esteem. ) o Genetic predispositions Changing Esteem Levels  Recognize and shift your beliefs about your
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