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Communication Studies
COMN 2314
Eytan Lasry

Merchant of Venice Literary Devices and Techniques Act IDeviceQuotationExplanation and SignificanceSIMILEYour mindwere the pageants of the sea11811ALLUSIONNow by two headed JanusNature nath framd strange fellows in her time 115051SIMILEWhy should a man whose blood is warm withinSit like his gandsire cut in alabaster 118384SIMILEHisGratiano reasons are as two grains wheat hid in two bushels of chaff you shall seek all day ere you find them and when you have them they are not worth the search 11115118ALLUSIONbut my chief careIs to come fairly off from the great debtsWherein my time something too prodigalHath left me gagd 11127130SIMILEI owe you much and like a willful youthThat which I owe is lostAnd out of ANALOGYdoubt you do me now more wrongIn making question of my uttermost 11144156METAPHORsuch a hare is madness of the youth to skip oer the meshes of good counsel the cripple 121820PUNIt is no mean happiness therefore to be seated in the mean1278ALLUSIONI fear he will prove the weeping philosopher when he grows old being so full of unmannerly sadness in his youth 124648DeviceQuotationExplanation and SignificanceSIMILElike a golden fleeceWhich makes her seat of Belmont Colchos strandAnd ALLUSIONmany Jasons come in quest of her11170172SIMILEIf I live to be as old as Sibylla I will die as chaste as Diana unless I be obtained by ALLUSIONthe manner of my fathers will 1298100SIMILEHow like a fawning publican he looks 1336ALLUSIONWhen Jacob grazd his uncle Labans sheepThis Jacob from our holy Abram was6683
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