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Lecture 1

COMN 2700 Lecture 1: COMN2700 - 1

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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 2700
Steve Gennaro

Monday May 1st 2017 (Lecture 1) Media, Culture, & Society Dr. S. Gennaro [email protected] Twitter : @drstevegennaro Who are you? • Tweet me • @drstevegennaro • #COMN2700IAM What’s this course about? Media, Culture, Society Three different definitions we call media that intertwine with each other. • The parties that make the news • The objects by and through which they transmit the news (and we receive it) The news itself • The Medium is not the Message! Three different definitions we call media that intertwine with each other. • Media (people/corporations who produce) • Medium (technology/hardware through which it travels) • Message (the message itself) Media, Culture, Society • Personalities & lifestyles • of individuals & groups • that are accepted or taboo • based on their similarity to or difference from • the dominant ideological constructions At any given social moment. It’s a little bit about how we live (each one of us) and the way we live deny/allow us access to rights and privileges in the society around us, based on ours/others decision and it’s always on the process of changing/negotiating/re-negotiating. Culture is as culture does • Media -> Culture • Reflecting • Shaping • Subverting Media, Culture, Society • How or where it all comes together.
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