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Lecture 2

COMN 2700 Lecture 2: COMN2700 - 2

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Communication Studies
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COMN 2700
Steve Gennaro

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Wednesday May 3rd 2017 (Lecture 2) Next Week : • Monday: bring a dollar for the audiobook version for the Walkaway book. • Monday: quiz 1 for chapter 1. • Wednesday: quiz 2 for chapter 2 and 3. Movie : Wag the Dog Wikipedia : The film follows a Washington, D.C. spin doctor (De Niro) who, mere days before a presidential election, distracts the electorate from a sex scandal by hiring a Hollywood film producer (Hoff- man) to construct a fake war with Albania. Wednesday May 3rd 2017 (Tutorial 2) Jeremy’s email (T.A) … All communication is symbolic. It’s interpreted, it lacks the concrete we often prescribe to it. Meaning all communication is comprised of signs. Culture is an agree upon of the symbolic. Ex : stretching arms, means tired. There’s two parts of communication Raymond Williams : 1. Culture is the whole way of life. Problem with that it’s that it’s not universal. There cultures wi
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