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Lecture 5

COMN 2700 Lecture 5: COMN2700 - 5

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Communication Studies
COMN 2700
Steve Gennaro

Monday May 15th 2017 (Lecture 5) Wednesday 17th Quiz 3, Ch. 5 6, no class after but class will be open for questions. Monday 22nd Holiday, no class Wednesday 24th Test 1 (Chapters 1 to 6) How the test works We have 4 in class test. 1. May 24th 2. June 14th 3. July 12th 4. July 31st No exams, no essays, you must have you York ID to write the test, no exceptions. If you are absent on any of these dates, you require documentation (see syllabus). Test is 120 minutes. Out of 2 questions, you will select 1 and write an essay answer. Minimum length 3 pages (anything less will not receive a passing grade). There is no maximum length (single spaced). You can have your text book, 1 page of hand written notes (front and back). The test material includes: All readings posted on the syllabus for the dates of the unit being posted. All lecture for the dates of the unit being tested. Any films, YouTube clips, books read aloud, or activities from lecture. *Wag The Dog, test. How to write the test. Have a plan in advance. Have a plan when you start the test 10mins think about it 1520mins plot it out 60mins write 10mins review and spell check Students who can use course languageterms and define, explain, and unpack those terms; use quotes from the text and explainunpack those terms; contextualize their ideas with clear examples from real media will score better on the test. When introducing a term, add the definition, once you define it, explain it (unpack it) and why you use it. When use a quote, explain the quote at the end in oder to make it valuable. Add page numbers. As your talking, explaining the ideas, give some real examples that helps you make your point. No tutorial after the test. What is representation? Is it real? Is it media? Representation
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