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Communication Studies
COMN 4115
Dalton Kehoe

Organizational Communication Lecture – September 29 , 2013t A Key Outcome of Organizing  Limit the variability of human behavior o Pressure towards similarity  General effort to socialize you into the way the organization works o People must “take account” of others in their behavior o Balance personal needs and goals with organizations needs and goals  Human beings hate uncertainty  ACCEPT CONTROL OF BEHAVIOUR THROUGH ORGANIZING COMMUNICATION, ENFORCED BY A LEGITIMATE HIERARCHY OF AUTHORITY o We give them the right to this o The people who own the business can tell employees what to do  Accept coordination by both organizing rules, relationship communication, and communication-behavior cycles (ask-listen-act) The Really Key Outcome  Acceptance of the use of power  To influence another person’s behavior to produce desired outcomes  Using C.O.N.T.R.O.L talk  This alters the conditions of effective communication SO….  Organizations are systems of interrelated parts and functions  Two key survival functions o Production o Maintenance  The pattern of interrelatedness an organization develops is called it’s structure o Structure is the pattern of arrangement that goes on between the various elements that serve the functions The Maintenance Function: Reducing Human Variability  To serve the maintenance function, people need to learn the system (organization) and how they and their work fits in – Integrate with others in the organization o Organizations need to do more than
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