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Communication Studies
COMN 4115
Dalton Kehoe

Organizational Communication Lecture – October 4 , 2013th Structuring Functions Structure is defined as the ways in which an organization: 1. Divides it’s labor into specific tasks 2. Achieves coordination among these tasks (flow, harmony, doing the right thing at the right time by the right person) 3. Control the performance of the individuals doing them List of key elements to understand Organization Structure  5 functions  5 work coordination techniques  4 environments  Lead to 5 types of structures 5 Work Coordination Mechanisms: 1. Mutual Adjustment (communication – behavior cycles) a. Humans divide and coordinate labor by talking. Asking questions, listen to answers. b. Low Division of Labor – everyone does pretty much the same thing, or can do different work because skills required are simple (low specialization) 2. Direct Supervision a. One person directly oversees the operation 3. Standardization of work Processes a. When written rules are used to coordinate the work b. Work is becoming more specialized. Instead of talking someone through it, easier to write things down 4. Standardization of Outputs a. Used when work is moderately complex b. Common outcomes may be achieved by different means by each worker 5. Standardization of Skills a. Used when the work is very complex b. Core operators are trained outside the workplace i. Low or no job description ii. Low or no supervision iii. Few direct performance control
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