COMN 1000 Lecture Notes - Technological Determinism, Anushree (Kannada Actress), Jargon

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Published on 30 Jan 2013
Anushree Joshi DAY 2 September 17th
Professor: Robert Heynen Communication Studies (COMN 1000)
Mass Communication and Mass Media
- “Communication is the action of making a message common to one or more people” p9,
o An act that doesn’t close itself off
o Mass communication = making a message common to many people
Most often, we refer to these as messages spread by the media
- Interpretation is a key factor
o Interpretations are not always the same
o 2 key components
Encoding = the person sending the message creates a message with a
particular meaning or significance in mind
Decoding = the person receiving the message receives that message with a
particular meaning or significance
The message received may or may not be the same as what the
encoder meant
Decoding often requires previous knowledge
o Sometimes it’s just common sense
o Sometimes it’s topic-specific i.e. technological jargon
Barriers to effective communication include:
Differences in language
Use of subject-specific jargon
Experiences, or lack thereof
- Models of mass communication (p13)
o Mass dissemination
Someone sends out a message to a whole bunch of people
o Decentralized production
Multiple people send out various messages to different bunches of people
o Interactive exchange
Multiple individuals and groups send out various messages to other
individuals and groups
- DEBATE: Is communication today, in the Internet age, more interactive than in earlier
- You’re not actually seeing
anyone, you’re not actually
talking to anyone; you’re on the
- Face-to-face interaction is more
- Expressions are not seen
- You’re talking to less people
- You are texting more,
communicating constantly
- You’re available on mobile
- Express your opinion and get
your voice out on more venues
- It facilitates interaction i.e.
discussions, debates, etc.
- Things are more easily and
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