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Lecture 2

COMN 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Optical Fiber Cable, Long-Distance Calling

Communication Studies
Course Code
COMN 1000
David Skinner

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January 11, 2016
Convergence is the bringing together of text, voice, data, video and
sound into a single medium (ie. radio, interenet)
- seen as part of “information highway” web of computers, %bre
optic cable, satellites, databases, etc. which is producting an
“information revolution” (ie. mcluhan’s global village)
- media have developed separately and in Canada are dominated
by foreign mainly american producers
- government has attempted to promote growth of Canadian
communication systems and Canadian “cultural sovereignty”
(sovereignty: which is the control over the circulation of ideas and
values that form our culture or ways of life)
Industries & Patterns of Development:
Tele(at a distance) communications (make things common):
therefore telecommunications means to make things common at a
Started with the telegraph, telephones, satellite communications,
wireless, data, cell phone, satellite, internet.
Telecommunications is the emission, transmission, or reception
of intelligence by any wire, cable, radio, optical, or other
electromagnetic system ,or by any similar technical system (P368)
- broadcasting is a form of telecommunications
- most telecommunications companies are “common carriers” pg. 215,
meaning they are able to sell at a reasonable cost… look at page 215
and %nd out what it says. ***
- strong private investment in urban centers but in long distance,
prairies, overseas service, satellite service, heavy regulation, and
government ownership.
1880 Bell Monopoly was created by the federal government
- the railway was used as a monopoly from east to west
- prairies was sparsely populated that they could not get their
area to be sponsored like bell did not want to invest in it bc
you would need to string a lot of wires and poles bc of the
- the government, aka crown corporations was set up to allow
for long distance telephone service bc private phone investors
did not want to spend money on it
Public Policy – a set of laws and regulations that are meant to guide
social action, focus on form and direction of social economic direction
- in terms of telecommunications it is larger ideas and values
that underlie the way public policies are constructed
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